JBS Distribution Center

Marshalltown, IA

Facility Type:
Automated High-Rise Freezer
12 months
133,000 square feet

Distribution Center

JBS USA, LLC awarded Gleeson a contract for its Distribution Center project in Marshalltown, IA. The new distribution center was constructed south of the existing processing plant on a greenfield site. The building is approximately 130,000 square feet. The distribution center includes a high rise cooler and freezer with an automated storage and retrieval system along with a 700-ton refrigerant Variable Retention Time (VRT) freezer. 

Product is conveyed from two points in the existing process plant on an 800 lineal foot long conveyor bridge to the distribution center where the fresh pork product is frozen and stored or stored fresh, then shipped out through the new truck and rail docks. Because of awareness of the surrounding residential neighborhood, ammonia was limited only to the engine room, with CO2 being the main refrigerant throughout the building. Even though flooding, extreme heat, extreme cold and heavy snow falls were fought throughout the construction of this facility, Gleeson was consistently able to meet JBS’s schedules.