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Jobsite Safety

At Gleeson, we are 100% committed to jobsite safety. 

And we're truly proud of our jobsite safety efforts thus far. Our low safety EMR (experience modification rate) of 0.79 (compared to a 1.0 national average) indicates that significantly fewer accidents occur on our sites, with much less severity. This safety rating results in lower insurance costs and allows us to pass savings along to you in the overall cost of the building. We also have a full-time safety director to ensures that jobsite safety is at its highest.

Gleeson has an active safety program that has improved jobsite safety while reducing incidence, severity, and the EMR. This not only improves the quality of life for our crew, but helps keep construction costs down. Our safety director has implemented a safety program that emphasizes continuous improvement and ongoing training to ensure that safety remains our top priority.

We conduct monthly officer meetings to review the latest management practices for safety.  Pre-job safety plans are required for each job, as well as personal protective gear for all employees.

We also offer comprehensive jobsite consulting and auditing, as well as several safety training sessions. Give us a call at 712-258-9300 or contact us today to see if this option is right for you.