Design/Build Services


Our architecture and design services encompass a variety of steps, beginning with engineering studies and including conceptual designs, master planning, process design, 3D modeling and rendering, and more. Our design team possesses over 30 years of experience in the food industry, and are happy to assist with any site planning or interior design needs that may arise.

Comprehensive Engineering

We pride ourselves on what we call "value-added engineering": our engineers review all process and building layouts to simplify, improve, and lower the costs of your project while increasing your plant efficiency. We also provide cost comparisons on alternate systems and materials to help you save even more money.

Our professional engineers are licensed and ready with the knowledge and 120 years of combined experience to meet your every engineering need. From civil to structural to electrical to automation to process engineering, we can cover all of your engineering bases in-house, saving you time and money—not to mention hassle.

In addition, all Gleeson engineers are versed in the latest technologies to ensure that your project is state-of-the-art and of the highest quality. To this end, we utilize:

• Computer-Aided Design
• Computerized Project Scheduling
• Computerized Estimating
• Building Informational Modeling (BIM)

Our wide and varying range of engineering expertise means that we can not only provide for your every conceivable engineering need in-house, but that we will be able to offer alternate insight to your team.

Process Engineering

Streamlining your processes can have an enormous positive impact on your plant's operation costs and efficiency. By implementing a variety of process engineering capabilities, including feasibility studies, evaluations, process design, and CIP/controls/utility system design, we can help you improve production yields and ROI while optimizing your facility to live up to its fullest potential.

We pride ourselves on "value-added engineering", and with our process engineering services, the value is crystal-clear. Improve your manufacturing and packaging output and ROI with process engineering from Gleeson.

Sustainability Engineering

Anyone with a head for business will tell you that a little planning in the present can result in significant savings in the future. Which is why we stress sustainability engineering here at Gleeson.

A building designed with sustainability at top-of-mind can save money with energy and water efficiencies while reducing waste, and eco-friendly building materials take advantage of recycled materials while reducing transportation and fuel costs. These factors all come together in a win-win scenario to save you time and money.

We follow the LEED building process when engineering for sustainability, resulting in LEED-certified buildings that become a point of pride in the community while ensuring a brighter future for all.

Now more than ever before, the future is in our hands. Protect that future for generations to come while saving time and money with sustainability options from Gleeson. 

Nationally Recognized

As one of the larger US food processing plant contractors, our engineers are nationally recognized and dedicated to providing you with a processing plant that is efficient, cutting-edge, and built to last a lifetime. No matter the type of plant you need—a ready-to-eat facility, processing facility, etc.—our engineers will work with you to create a plant that exactly fits your needs... on your schedule.

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