Why Gleeson

Industry Relationships

Over the years, we've built not only our knowledge base and expertise in the food processing industry, but a host of extremely rewarding relationships as well. Our rapport with the leading food processing equipment manufacturers is of the highest caliber, and we are proud to claim that we know them just as well as they know us. 

Our relationships within the industry allow us to purchase directly from the suppliers, cutting out the middlemen and saving you time and money. We also hold relationships with the material manufacturers and suppliers that specialize in food processing and cold storage environments.

We are also able to draw on past work experience for future projects, from a variety of food processing sub-industries. Simply put, we have access to extensive information libraries that many other companies don't. 

Take our relationship with Hormel Foods for example:

At the end of the day, it's all about who you know. Start your relationship with Gleeson and take advantage of our industry insider status today.