Why Gleeson


With multiple customers coming back to us for smart building solutions, we are certain that our customers are satisfied customers. Take a look at the value and trust we have provided to our customers, many who have asked us to build for them again and again.


Michael Foods


"…Brian (Tabbert, Superintendent)/Gleeson and Interstate (Mechanical) were very impressive in handling this issue (pipe break). Both made our needs their top priority and stayed with it until the issue was under control.  I don’t get to see this with other contractors."

            —Jeff Olsufka, Michael Foods 


West Liberty Foods


"A warm thank you for all the support that you and your Team has provided West Liberty Foods over the last four months. With certainty, we could not have been successful in obtaining product approval this past Thursday without your Team. The fast time line of this project     required the coordination of 100’s of people throughout the World. Your Team was up to the task and you should be as proud of them as I am. Each obstacle was overcome by the commitment and leadership that was demonstrated on site and behind the scenes at Gleeson Constructors... It is with great pride that I can say that Gleeson Constructors is a Preferred Vendor of West Liberty Foods."

           —Gerald Lessard, West Liberty Foods 


AdvancePierre Foods

"For over 15 years, Advance Foods and now AdvancePierre, continues to have a business relationship with Gleeson Constructors for our project designs, construction, and engineering needs. We have worked together on several design build projects. These include new production facilities, freezers, distribution centers, and renovation projects of existing facilities. From $80 million projects to $300k projects, Gleeson has provided professional knowledge and manpower to perform projects on schedule and within budget. We have worked closely with project managers to field superintendents, all of which have delivered quality workmanship and expertise that have produced successful results."

— Don Rose, AdvancePierre Foods


Hormel Foods Corporation

"Gleeson's emphasis on quality, commitment, meeting requirements, cost control, and the ownership of each project is outstanding. You do not leave a project until we are all satisfied with the results. It is the people throughout both our organizations that make our relationship so special."

— Larry J. Pfeil, P.E., Hormel Foods Corporation


ConAgra Foods

"The entire Gleeson staff conducted itself in a very professional manner and remained dedicated to the success of this project... I was very impressed with your core construction crew in particular; they worked tirelessly on any given task, regardless of the climate or indoor environment."

— Gary L. Moore, Director Construction Engineering, ConAgra Foods Retail Products Company



"The commitment made by everyone involved from Gleeson to complete this project within our timeline was greatly appreciated. Commitments like these help us ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers."

— Mohamed Basma, Director of Engineering, Schwan's


Hormel Foods Corporate Services, LLC

"You are, and continue to be, the type of professionals we respect and want to work with. Our standards are high at Hormel and... you are in an elite category."

— Larry J. Pfeil, P.E., Hormel Foods Corporation


Hormel Foods Corporation

"It has been, and continues to be, a privilege to work with the class construction company in the food industry."

— Larry J. Pfeil, P.E., Hormel Foods Corporation


Hormel Foods Corporate Services, LLC

"During the course of the projects over the years, Jorge [Deanda] and Gleeson have continually worked to make each project better than the last. Jorge develops new and better details and techniques to give Hormel the best product possible... Jorge always has the best interests of Hormel in mind. We are often reminded of George Hormel's quotation, 'We should all go to our posts of daily duty with the feeling that the work can be done still a little finer, a little bit better than we are doing it.' Jorge brings that attitude and approach to the jobsite and as a result, each project is better than the previous one."

— Ronald Christensen, Hormel Foods Corporate Services, LLC


Unitherm Food Systems, Inc.

"During the last week in July, I was... overseeing the installation of a large cook/chill system. It took 4 trucks to haul the system to site in Lenox. Upon my arrival on site, I met the crew that was brought in to do the offload rigging and to place our equipment. The equipment barely fit into the building and was difficult to move. All I can say is by the end of the day, it could not have gone any better... I was impressed with [Jake Gookin's] attention to detail, safety, and overall attitude."

— Jim Wade, V.P. Customer Service, Unitherm Food Systems, Inc.