Cargill, Inc.

Buena Vista, GA

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Facility Type:
Poultry Plant, Cooler & Deboner Addition
7 months
22,000 square feet

Poultry Plant, Cooler & Deboner Addition

This design build project was completed in 7 months. This masonry and precast structure was added on to Cargill’s existing Poultry Processing Plant. Construction included the building of a 15,000 square foot structure with masonry walls and a precast concrete double-T roof. Once complete, equipment was installed for four deboning lines and a Storage Cooler and Loading Dock area was constructed.

The storage cooler was designed to handle 675,000 pounds of product daily stored on pallet racks. The floor warming system consisted of 4-inch diameter force air vent tubes located under the floor of the cooler area.