Design/Build Services

Project Management

Our success has been built upon the knowledge and time-tested experience of our designers, engineers, and builders, but it's our project managers that keep our projects on time and on budget. Aided by scheduling technologies and a mindset of continuous improvement, our project managers are able to ensure the most accurate, efficient project accounting possible.

To live up to our motto of “Designers of Value, Builders of Trust”, all of our project engineers are licensed or in training to become licensed to give your team the benefit of working with the best.

Site Management & Self-Performed Work

We self-perform 40% of the work, including dirt excavation, concrete, steel erection, insulated panel erection, doors, and millwright services. This helps us maintain a firmer control of the project schedule and can also lower your job costs.

We are proud to say that our project managers manage each site with an expert hand, blending years of industry experience with natural leadership abilities. Our project managers understand not only what a project costs and why, but also a wide variety of different materials and methods, as well as how their application affects the overall project budget. Which means you can rest assured that our project managers' experience and know-how will get the job done with the highest quality and the very best value.

Project Budgeting and Cost Control

In addition to taking a supervisory role, our project managers will maintain all financial and accounting services throughout the project. This includes an in-depth analysis of logistical and supply chain needs in addition to our financially efficient design/build process.

Gleeson's values, including our emphasis on value and our reputation for financial integrity, are what keep our customers coming back again and again. This holds doubly true for our project managers, whose utmost goal is to save you time and money while attending any needs, questions, and concerns you may have during the process.


We strive to provide the highest quality service in the construction industry by handling the material procurement and management for you. We make it our job to coordinate with subcontractors and suppliers to obtain all materials required for your project, focusing on quality and ensuring timely delivery.

We will also help you manage your materials, in conjunction with our project cost control. We are proud of the vast network of subcontractors and suppliers we have built over the years and can ensure their utmost reliability and quality.

This is yet another benefit of the design/build process—with Gleeson as your single source of responsibility, materials and equipment procurement can both begin before even the design is fully completed. This not only saves time but money as well.

Take advantage of our insider knowledge and source your equipment professionally with the company who knows the food processing industry inside and out: Gleeson Constructors & Engineers, LLC.

Want to add our project managers to your team? Just contact us or give us a call at 712-258-9300.