Why Gleeson

Food Safety Expertise

Smarter, Safer Food Processing Facilities

Whether your company processes or distributes food, you want to ensure that your customers will be consuming the safest foods, processed in the most sanitary facilities. At Gleeson, we are 100% committed to food safety. We specialize in clean room design concepts, incorporating the 11 AMI (American Meat Institute) design principles for food safety in each design:

  1. Distinct hygienic zones established in the facility
  2. Personnel and material flows controlled to reduce hazards
  3. Water accumulations controlled inside facility
  4. Room temperature and humidity controlled
  5. Room airflow and room air-quality control
  6. Site elements facilitate sanitary conditions
  7. Building envelope facilitates sanitary conditions
  8. Interior spatial design promotes sanitation
  9. Building components and construction facilitate sanitary conditions
  10. Utility systems designed to prevent contamination
  11. Sanitation integrated into facility design

We can help you design a food processing facility that is both smarter and safer. Simply contact us or call us today at 712.258.9300.