Michael Foods, Inc.

Wakefield, NE

Facility Type:
Egg Drying Plant
12 months
68,000 square feet

Logan View Facility - Egg Drying Plant

Gleeson Constructors, LLC designed and constructed this Egg Drying Facility for Michael Foods, Inc. in 12 months. The project consisted of tanker truck unloading bays, process room, tower dryer room, box dryer room, twenty (20)  hot rooms, dry storage warehouse, and welfare with office space.

Not only did Gleeson design and construct the facility, but we also designed and self-performed the work associated with the refrigeration, mechanical, and boiler systems.

The process area included a precast structure with insulated metal wall panels, glazed block walls at the interior and brick flooring. The remainder of the facility was structural steel with insulated metal wall panels.

The unique feature was the design of the tower dryer, consisting of structural steel and insulated metal wall panels. The tower was 60-feet square and 100-feet tall with operation levels for the process at 20 feet intervals.