Wells’ Dairy

St. George, UT

Facility Type:
Ice Cream Production & Waste Water Treatment Facility
12 monts
160,000 square feet

Ice Cream Production & Waste Water Treatment Facility

To meet increased product demand in the western United States, Wells’ Dairy, Inc. hired Gleeson Constructors, Inc. to design and construct an ice cream production facility in the desert areas of southern Utah.

The facility consists of three major components. The ice cream production facility is a two-story precast structure with dairy brick floors and glazed tile walls. Also, included at the entrance to the production area are the offices for the facility.

The second part of the facility is the –20° ice cream freezer which has an attached dock for shipping.

To complete the project, Gleeson constructed a waste water treatment facility to handle the waste from the production facility. This treatment facility consisted of a precast structure with cast-in-place tanks and basins.