North Side Foods Corp.

Cumming, GA

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Facility Type:
Sausage Plant Addition
12 months
46,300 square feet

Plant Addition

Gleeson Constructors, L.L.C. designed and constructed this 46,300 square foot sausage plant addition for North Side Foods in 12 months. The project included raw blending room, oven rooms, spiral freezer, packaging room, welfare area and engine room addition. The production area is constructed of structural steel, precast concrete and insulated metal wall panels. The oven room is constructed of stainless steel insulated metal panels. The clean-room concept was used in production areas with insulated metal panel ceilings and an attic space to conceal all utilities.  

Refrigerated make-up air units had 95% filtered air and heat in the production areas with 100% outside air for clean-up. An engine room addition houses three new compressors and a new condenser.